Karma:Meeting 21 Jul 2009

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Agenda Items

  1. Status of "Adding up to 10"
  1. Review project timeline
  2. Discuss Christoph's involvement
  3. i18n issues
    1. inline html -- need an no_html function like this $(':contains(no_html("The big score is")):last')
    2. inline text and attribute text in same tag
    3. always load string at page load or generate localized html files?
  4. Using karma.js instead of setup.py
  5. Meeting w/ olpc-ph
    1. Want to have basic spec ready
    2. basic utilities
    3. basic examples
  6. Use surf as default?
  7. discuss bundle layout and structure of karma repo
    1. mandala / main -- w/ links to the examples
    2. using narwhal