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Freedom and Justice are two twin KVM hosts bought by Sugar Labs in 2012.

Justice is currently our primary VM hosting box, while freedom is a hot-standby running some secondary services in docker containers and backups.


The following machines services are hosted:


  • 2U rack-mountable case
  • Motherboard Supermicro H8SGL (or maybe H8SGL-F)
  • 8-core Opteron 6212 @ 1.7GHz
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2x1TB RAID1


The two servers have SMT management cards from Supermicro with a seriously awful web interface:

Of course you need a separate account. Full KVM support requires the Java browser plugin (yuck!), so we mostly use them for the big reset button in case a server hangs (it happened about once per year).

Use a long, unguessable password, but not one you're also using elsewhere! A few years ago, a backdoor was discovered in this firmware which would reveal all passwords in plaintext with a simple telnet! Also, login uses unencrypted http.

It's also possible to talk to the management card from Linux using ipmitool.

Both cards are running firmware version 3.16, which patched a huge backdoor that would trivially reveal all passwords in plaintext. No kidding. There's a newer firmware version, but attempts to update to it failed with both Chrome and Firefox (error: "413 - Request Entity Too Large"). I suspect a bug in their http POST implementation :-(


  • Justice: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic
  • Freedom: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic


Hosted by the MIT Media Lab in server room E15-243.


Network configuration

Justice is globally accessible through public, static IPv4. The IPv6 /64 subnet (6to4) is currently experimental and not associated with AAAA records.

Hosted VMs

All KVM virtual machines are managed by libvirtd.

See Sysadmin/Add virtual machine for creating new VMs.