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Sugar on Caixa Mágica, the Magellan project

Linux Caixa Magica 15 (English Translation) Main Page

Magalhães is a Caixa Mágica based GNU/Linux distribution.



caixamagica-linux-live-15-final-GNOME-int-cdrom-i586 with sugar 0.88.0
satellit updated this section 02/09/2011
  1. install in VB4 with .iso
  2. Select language English on boot screen before installing it.
  3. If you are using VirtualBox clear the .iso from CD before starting virtual appliance.
  4. Start Virtual Appliance
  5. start symantic
  6. reload
  7. search task-sugar ( task-sugar 0.88.0-1mdv2010.1 Sugar Platform)
  8. select; apply
  9. Update: System/Administration/software-updater ( It may take a long time )
  10. log out
  11. log in with (gdm) selected to sugar in "sessions" on bottom bar OR
  12. install sugar-emulator with Synaptic Package Manager (Search: sugar-emulator)
sugar-emulator 0.88.00mdv2010.1
  • Hint: place the Icon for sugar on the desktop: (Applications/Education/sugar)right mouse click: add this laucher to the desktop
then right mouse click on this icon/properties and add "-f" to command line: "/user/bin/sugar-emulator -f"
This will let sugar run FULL SCREEN.
to exit right mouse click on log out from central Avitar in f3 sugar pop up screen
  • Note: Caixa Magica Live USB Creator (xcm-liveusb-creator) Does not seem to work in VirtualBox4
Setup repositories on Caixa Mágica box
  • Note this is older information and not tested lately
satellit 02/09/2011

Get it:

wget -c

Create a disk image:

qemu-img create -f raw caixamagica.raw 3G

Install it:

kvm -m 512 -hda caixamagica.raw -cdrom caixamagica-linux-12-live-GNOME-pt_PT-cdrom-i586.iso -boot d

Boot, log in as root and add an user:

adduser sugar
password sugar

Add repositories:

urpmi.addmedia sugar
urpmi.addmedia main
urpmi.addmedia main_update --update
urpmi.addmedia contrib
urpmi.addmedia contrib_update --update
Setup repositories on Magalhães box

No root password available 01/22/2011 satellit

If you don't have installed Magalhães:
  • download VM image
  • untar it
  • start kvm with untared .vmdk file like with common kvm's disk image

Add repositories:

urpmi.addmedia sugar
Install sugar packages

To install core components (services, window manager, journal etc.) type:

sudo urpmi sugar-glucose 

To install core activities type:

sudo urpmi sugar-fructose

Or to install the SugarPlatform(sugar-glucose + sugar-fructose + honey's deps):

sudo urpmi task-sugar


Sugar packages are being built by jhconvert and follow its matrix of package versions.


  • 0.84.x


Sugar repository includes some stuff that installed in /opt/sugar. When sugar doesn't start make sure that proper exports present(look at /usr/bin/sugar)