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A group of individuals that represent Sugar Labs. Creating more awareness and display Sugar Labs tools to the public. Ambassadors are responsible for the increase of Sugar Labs tools usage, including helping to bring more contributors to the community.


  • Represent Sugar Labs as the best K-6 learning platform available to teachers, parents, and funders
  • Spread the word about computer-assisted learning and ebooks; share information about computer-assisted learning and ebooks, what educators are doing, what works and what doesn't
  • Visit schools and demonstrate Sugar to Learners and teachers, channeling feedback to Sugar Labs
  • Found Sugar Local Labs in their communities
  • Assist with documentation and translations
  • Help recruit Sugar Labs contributors and Local Labs participants
  • Liaise between other FLOSS organizations and the Sugar Labs community
  • Represent Sugar Labs to the wider public
  • Help spread the word about Sugar, Linux, and Open Source
  • Be a point of contact for local community members and channel the feedback to Sugar Labs
  • Help recruit project contributors
  • Think of creative ways for promoting Sugar in your region




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