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Upcoming Events

Sugar Labs has committed to having a presence at the following events.

Date Event Location Owner Details
2008-10-26 – 2008-10-28 Sarasota International Design Summit Sarasota, FL, USA Walter Bender Sarasota Design Summit
2008-10-27 – 2008-10-30 ESC 2008 Boston, MA, USA Bernie Innocenti Constructionist learning with Sugar and the Beagle Board
2008-11-13 – 2008-11-14 South Tyrol Free Software conference (SFScon) Bolzano, Italy Walter Bender SFScon 08
2008-11-24 – 2008-11-26 Victorian IT Teachers Association (VITTA) conference Melbourne, Australia Joel Stanley VITTA 2008
2008-12-02 – 2008-12-05 Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) Sydney, Australia Joel Stanley OSDC 2008
2009-01-19 – 2009-01-24 09 Hobart, Tasmania Walter Bender LCA 09
2009-02-07 – 2009-02-08 FOSDEM 2009 Brussels, Belgium Christoph Derndorfer FOSDEM 2009
2009-03-25 – 2009-04-02 PyCon 2009 Chicago, IL, USA Greg DeKoenigsberg PyCon 2009
2009-06-24 – 2009-06-27 LinuxTag 2009 Berlin, Germany Simon Schampijer LinuxTag 2009

Upcoming Events: Google Calendar

Official Sugar community events are also posted in a public calendar within the Google Calendar system. This calendar is available in a variety of formats: XML.gif ICal.gif HTML.gif.

Add an Event

Would you like to represent Sugar Labs at an event near you? Follow this simple process.

  1. Create a new page on the wiki, using User:Gdk/Events/PyCon2009 as an example.
  2. Link to the event in the #Upcoming Events section, above.
  3. Send an email to events at sugarlabs dot org to have the event added to the official Google calendar of events.