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OLPC / Sugar Labs will have a presence at FOSDEM'09 taking place in Brussels (Belgium) from Saturday, February 7 to Sunday, February 8.

Pre-conference community meetup

In addition to FOSDEM, we're gathering on Friday, February 6 at the Hacker Space Brussels for a one-day OLPC / Sugar community meetup.

Please add yourself to the list of attendees if you would like to join us. Contact Bernie Innocenti for further details and directions.

Goals | FOSDEM'09

  • getting more developers to work on Sugar related tasks
  • gnash as a real flash replacement and activity development platform would be great and needs help!

Goals | Community Meetup

  • discussing the current state of things
  • making plans for 2009:
    • better defining the relation between OLPC and Sugar Labs
    • advancing the Sugar platform
    • making awesome educational content
    • writing cool activities
    • building and contacting relevant communities around OLPC and Sugar
    • generally making it easier to contribute to OLPC and Sugar
    • translating existing documentation (e.g. FlossManuals)
    • writing materials geared towards how teachers can use the XO and Sugar in schools
    • designing great marketing materials
    • pilot projects in Europe
    • create a web page that shows you OLPC enthusiasts geographically close to you
    • ...
  • socializing, finally being able to put faces to nicknames


Please sign up here if you plan to attend! ChristophD 03:40, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

Name Community Meetup Friday 6th FOSDEM Saturday 7th FOSDEM Sunday 8th Notes Hotel
ChristophD Yes Yes Yes flight to Brussel is booked, will arrive on the evening of Feb. 5 Frederiksborg 5th-9th
Niklaus Giger Yes Yes Yes flight to Brussel is booked, will arrive on the at 12:30 Feb. 5
Tomeu Yes Yes Yes flight booked, arrive Feb 6th at 10.30am and leave Feb 9th at 17:00 Frederiksborg 6th-9th
Benjamin Berg Yes Yes Yes Arrives at 11:01 on Friday at Bruxelles-Midi, leaving again on Monday 17:59. Frederiksborg 6th-9th
Guillaume Desmottes Yes Yes Yes
h01ger / Holger Levsen Yes Yes Yes
David "nubae" Van Assche Yes Yes Yes flight to Brussel is booked, will arrive on the evening of Feb. 5
Bernie Innocenti Yes Yes Yes Flight booked, will arrive on the evening of Feb 5, leave in the morning of Feb 9 Frederiksborg 5th-9th
Simon Schampijer Yes Yes Yes flight booked, will arrive on the evening of Feb. the 5th and leave the evening of the 9th Frederiksborg 5th-9th
Martin Dengler Yes Yes Yes Arrive evening of 6th (for Beer Event); leave late evening Sunday the 8th. Frederiksborg 6th-8th
Don Hopkins Yes Yes Yes Taking the train from Amsterdam. Arriving Friday, leaving Monday. Rewriting SimCity/Micropolis GUI with C++/Python/GTK/Cairo/Pango/PacMan. A little hotel by the Manneken Pis.
Greg DeKoenigsberg Maybe Yes Yes Train from AMS on Friday, in leaving Sunday night Novotel Brussels


What about joining sometime after 18:00 the Friday Beer Event?

Some Sugar hackers will meet with Rob Savoye in the GNOME dev room to work on improving flash support in Sugar, will be Saturday at 10:00 AM.

Tomeu is going to talk about "The Sugar platform" in the GNOME dev room on Saturday 15:00.

Greg is going to talk about "Sugar and Fedora" in the Fedora dev room on Saturday 17.00.


  • decide if we are going to ask a sister project for a piece of a booth (we did so last year in the GNOME booth)
  • find a venue for the friday meeting
  • lots of things...


Has several double rooms free, at 50e per room and night. Location doesn't look too bad. It's said to have free wifi. We should book soon!


Mchua is getting swag over for the conference; you folks are getting MarketingTeam/Stickers and a batch of the generic Business cards.


Please add relevant notes and thoughts! ChristophD 03:40, 7 January 2009 (UTC)