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Hope to post readable notes from our discussions at FUDCon here by the evening of Sept. 10. Please poke me if I dont!

ChristophD 19:05, 9 September 2008 (UTC)

Please leave comments here or (better) relay them to the IAEP mailing-list.

ChristophD 00:27, 11 September 2008 (UTC)


Telling stories

telling awesome stories to demonstrate the possibilities enabled by Sugar

  • Pentagram's help in designing the interface
  • feedback process (once it's actually done)
  • Sugar as s playground for innovation and experimentation (an inspiring comment Tomeu made during Q&A)
  • two committees we shuld consider adding:
    • propaganda (ChristophD has been suggested for that role)
    • outreach
      • university/students liason
      • educators


  • find logo
  • finding out who owns the rights to "Sugar" and "Sugar Labs" => we have to own the Sugar Labs brand and related entities
  • have an organizational roadmap, not just a software roadmap
  • set up feedback process
  • make sure to follow-up on projects
  • clean up wiki
  • next release in 6-months should have the biggest holes fixed
  • get an extra or two developers working on Sugar for 4 to 6 months
  • testing: outsource it to organizations (ChristophD will talk to people at universities in Graz, Austria on September 21/22 so let's see what happens); requires strong leadership (!); Gnome bug-days as an example; push for automated testing
  • emphasis on the importance of responding to bug-reports, even though we don't necessarily have to fix them
  • understanding how community works -> make it better at Sugar Labs (find quick wins, proof-points)
  • GdK: "simplify and amplify"
  • responsibilities
  • Sugar Labs Ambassadors (?)
  • weekly updates to walter, but also try to spread to more publications (e.g. Sugar ported to Beagle board @
  • focus on work planned for next week
  • @IAEP: media liason to spread the story
  • engage community via IAEP and Sugar to harness people
  • IRC: weekly Sugar Labs meeting, infrequent Board meetings for high-level and sensitive issues such as business, hiring, etc., board meetings open to everyone - patches welcome, candidates have to keep motivated; not only board members can run committees but board holds people accountable
  • set up Ministry of Propaganda / Outreach / Truth
  • IRL meetings: e.g. FUDCon Boston