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== Impressions ==
== Impressions ==
''link your photos, add your comments here''
''link your photos, add your comments here''
Here's my [http://www.flickr.com/photos/39656470@N02/sets/72157620524327203/ Flickr photostream from LinuxTag] - Sean

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Gtk3 Hackfest 2011

Event Details

Sugar Organizer


Are you planning to attend? Add your name and contact info below!

  1. Simon Schampijer
  2. Tomeu Vizoso


Name German 24.06.09 25.06.09 26.06.09 27.06.09 Note
Simon Schampijer Native yes yes yes not available from 16.00 to 18.00 as he has a talk there is there in the mornings to make sure everything is set up
Tomeu None ? ? full day? full day x
Sebastian Dziallas Native will arrive in the morning yes
David Van Assche Native yes yes yes yes in between sugar and opensuse booths...
Sean Daly None no no full day full day I will bring 2 booth banners, 2 balloon trees, SoaS A0 poster
James (jzGreen) None second half only 50% 50% 50% I want to be roaming around a fair bit (hence 50%)
Tony Anderson None yes yes yes yes I will be available to help as needed
Adam Holt None no no yes yes x


Day 10.00-12.00 12.00-14.00 14.00-16.00 16.00-18.00
24.06.09 Simon David Tony James
25.06.09 Simon James David Tony
26.06.09 Sean Adam, Simon Sean Tomeu, Adam
27.06.09 Tomeu, Simon Sean, Tony Sebastian, James Sean




Friday, October 28

Saturday, October 29

Sunday, October 30


link your photos, add your comments here