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Gtk3 Hackfest 2011

Event Details

Location: Praha (Prague), Czech Republic

Date: Friday, October 28th - Sunday October 30th

Primary contact: Simon Schampijer <simon AT laptop DOT org>

Secondary contact: Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu.vizoso AT collabora DOT co DOT uk>


Are you planning to attend? Add your name and contact info below!

  1. Simon Schampijer - Sugar Developer
  2. Tomeu Vizoso


This is a table to find out when people do need accommodation during the hackfest.

Name 27.10.11 28.10.11 29.10.11 30.10.11 31.10.11 Note
Simon Schampijer - yes yes yes - -


This one does seem to be a reasonable offer:;checkin=2011-10-27;checkout=2011-10-30;srfid=8d0e0147ab19098770fd94887bfca1e1X1


Friday, October 28

Saturday, October 29

Sunday, October 30


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