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# [[User:Sdz | Sebastian Dziallas]]
# [[User:Sdz | Sebastian Dziallas]]
# [[User:nubae | David Van Assche]]
# [[User:nubae | David Van Assche]]
# [[User:fab | Fabian Affolter]]
== Sugar activities ==
== Sugar activities ==

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LinuxTag 2009

Event Details

For more information, go to the LinuxTag 2009 website.

Sugar Organizer

Simon Schampijer | simon at sugarlabs dot org will be organizing Sugar's presence at LinuxTag 2009.


Are you planning to attend? Add your name and contact info below!

  1. Simon Schampijer
  2. Tomeu Vizoso
  3. Sebastian Dziallas
  4. David Van Assche
  5. Fabian Affolter

Sugar activities

  1. We will have a booth located at 7.2a 110a. We share this booth with our friends from:
    1. OLPC Deutschland e.V.
    2. Squeak Germany
    3. Skolelinux Germany
    4. Linux4Afrika
    5. X2go
  2. Greg gives the talk: "Education, Innovation, and Free Software"
  3. Simon gives the talk: "Sugar - a software playground for learning about learning" (Saturday, 27.06 - 17.00 Saal 5)
  4. Sebastian will be giving a barcamp session at FUDCon about various educational efforts, mainly SoaS

Sugar Booth

Our booth will be at 7.2a 110a.

Please add your name to take a shift. Ideally a shift is two Persons. Helping at the booth means answering questions regarding Sugar and Sugar Labs, demoing Sugar and flashing Soas on request. People helping at the booth will get a Linuxtag ticket.

Day 10.00-12.00 12.00-14.00 14.00-16.00 16.00-18.00
24.06.09 Schampijer x x x
25.06.09 x x x x
26.06.09 x x x x
27.06.09 x x x x


  1. We need a banner for the booth


  • Accommodation Information from Linuxtag
  • Pension Freiraum
    • Nice area with bars restaurant cafe, about 25 minutes to the conference
  • Hotel Funkturm
    • right next door to the conference area (room 4-6 persons, 100euro per night for the room, inclusive breakfast)


More info as it becomes available.