Marketing Team/Events/MiniCamp Paris 2009/Attendees

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Wiki First Name Last Name e-mail Dates Attending Affiliation
Dfarning David Farning dfarning at May 13 -20 Sugar Labs
Seth Seth Woodworth seth at May 15 -24 OLPC
Holt Adam Holt holt at May 14/15 - 18 OLPC Canada
Tomeu Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at May 14 - 19 Sugar Labs
Walter Walter Bender walter at May 15 - 18 Sugar Labs
ChristophD Christoph Derndorfer christoph at May 15 - 18/19 OLPC Austria
Yamaplos Yama Ploskonka Remotely from La Paz - Bolivia OLE Bolivia
sascha_silbe Sascha Silbe domain, user silbe at least full weekend Sugar Labs?
CarolineM Caroline Meeks caroline at May 15th to 24th. Bringing my husband Scott but not the kid. Sugar on a Stick
Martin.langhoff Martín Langhoff full weekend OLPC