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There have been a number of excellent "9.1 proposals" posted to devel@ and sugar@ recently. Since OLPC seems to have cancelled XOcamp, here's a proposal for an alterna-conference during the same time period.

Confirmed speakers

("Confirmed" is a bit of a loose term at the moment, but these are the people I expect to be present at the time.)

  • C. Scott Ananian
  • Michael Stone
  • Chris Ball
  • Marco Gritti (Milan, Italy)
  • Tomeu Vizoso (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Martin Langhoff (?)
  • Bernardo Innocenti


I'm first going to list all the proposals, then group them, then attempt to schedule them. If you're reading this page now, I'm still in the 'listing' phase.


These were donations made for the original XOcamp; the contributors need to be contacted to see whether they are willing to put the money towards a sugarcamp instead.

  • User:CScott (cscott at has pledged $1000 for sugar developers
  • Michael Stone (michael at has pledged $1000 for speakers
  • Christoph ( christoph at has pledged $100 for anyone
  • User:Ohshima (yoshiki at has pledged $50 for anyone
  • An anonymous donor has pledged $800.
  • Peter Robinson pledged $50.
  • George Mavrothalassitis pledged $50.
  • Gary (gary at garycmartin dot com) has paypaled $100 for sugar developers


These were people willing to host speakers during XOcamp; they need to be contacted regarding their willingness to host for Sugarcamp.

  • Michael Stone (michael at has pledged to house 2 friendly speakers.
  • Bill Bogstad can a twin bed in a basement.
  • Chris Ball has a flat space.
  • Mel Chua (and Chris Carrick) can take 2 guests - air mattress and sofa - and live 15min walking from the airport for those with weird flight times. (mel at laptop)

Adopt a speaker!

These are out-of-town speakers (and links to their proposals) who could present at Sugarcamp.

Please feel free to add anyone I've missed; I just compiled this quickly by scanning emails to devel@ and sugar@ with 'Proposal' in the title. If you're one of the listed developers, please add your location and the approximate cost of airfare, if you can determine it -- or remove yourself if you've made a proposal but aren't actually interested in attending, or can donate your own travel costs. I tried to roughly sort by number of proposals made (talks to be given).

Marco Pesenti Gritti (marcopg).
Core Sugar developer
Proposals: Desktop compatibility, Top Five performance problems, Web-based activities
From: Milan, Italy. Cost: booked for US$542.
Tomeu Vizoso
Core Sugar developer
Proposals: View source everywhere, others?
From: Prague, Czech Republic Cost: booked for US$720
Sayamindu Dasgupta (unmadindu)
Sugar developer/Translation lead
Proposals: Legacy compatibility, i18n and l18n in 9.1 and beyond
From: Kolkata, India Cost: $1400
Carlos Mauro
Proposals: MouseTrap for Sugar, Per-Country Sugar themes, Usability testing
From: ? Cost: ?
Martin Langhoff
School server developer
Proposals: Printing, School Server Update
From: ? Cost: ?
Mikus Grinbergs?
Proposals: Submitting homework, Control Panel improvements
Morgan Collett (morgs)
Sugar developer/Collaboration developer
Proposals: Link local collaboration, Server based collaboration, removing Presence Service, File Transfer / Journal Object sharing
From: South Africa. Cost: $1300
Edward Cherlin
Proposals: Textbooks
From: Cupertino CA Cost: $300
Yamandu Ploskonka?
Proposals: Report Cards on XO
From: ? Cost: ?