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Participation is open to all Sugar and OLPC volunteers and employees!

For the XOCamp-2, originally scheduled for November but now postponed to January, see here.

What happened

Read Tomeu's writeup of the event, part 1 and part 2.

Space-time coordinates


November 17, 2008 - November 22, 2008


Cambridge Innovation Center
One Broadway
Cambridge MA, USA

Please sign in at the front desk and use Chris Rowe @ OLE as your contact. If you have problems you can call the conference phone in the room 617-682-3760

  • Training room, 5th floor (Mon to Thu)
  • Charles Meeting room, 14th floor (Fri)
  • MIT Media Lab (Sat)


Important announcements

Announcements (watch this page for updates)

Week schedule

Schedule (watch this page for updates)

List of attendees

Attendees (please add yourself to the table)

Slides for the presentations

Presentations (presenters, please add before the talk)

Minutes for brainstorms

Marketing Team/Events/Sugarcamp Boston 2008/Minutes

IRC channel #sugar

Conference call

Dial-in number: +1 218-486-2209
Participant IDs: 3113474
Host ID (for the meeting room): 9592075

Printer, HP LaserJet 4250 (JetDirect).
Ask Bernie for physical access.


Marketing Team/Events/Sugarcamp Boston 2008/Photos (Ryan & Yama)


Marketing Team/Events/Sugarcamp Boston 2008/Feedback from the last day - please add your thoughts.

Talk proposals

Marketing Team/Events/Sugarcamp Boston 2008/Proposals

Adopt a speaker!

Want to contribute?
Looking for an accommodation?
Need travel funding?

Go to Marketing Team/Events/Sugarcamp Boston 2008/Logistics.