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Here are all the proposals made to devel@, sugar@, and iaep@, grouped by proposer. I've grouped proposers by expected Sugarcamp attendance, but performed no other filtering.

Expended to attend

C. Scott Ananian

Chris Ball

Walter Bender

  • Portfolio (Walter Bender)

Edward Cherlin

Mel Chua

Eben Eliason

Paul Fox

Erik Garrison

Marco Gritti

Bernardo Innocenti

Greg de Koenigsberg

Martin Langhoff

  • Printing (Martin Langhoff)
  • School Server Update (Martin Langhoff)

Yamandu Ploskonka

Michael Stone

Tomeu Vizoso

Possibly attending via telephone

Morgan Collett

Sayamindu Dasgupta

Not known to be attending

Mikus Grinbergs

Carlos Mauro

Deepak Saxena