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  • Monday, November 17, 2008
  • 6:30pm - 10pm (we will order food together at the beginning; bring your own $ for dinner)
  • One Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142 (at the corner of Broadway and 3rd, by the Kendall T stop)
  • Call Mel Chua to be let in when you arrive - 847.970.8484


For developers

This is a "new Sugar coders hackfest" evening, where people can come to learn about making Activities - bring a project you want to work on, and we'll have people from the core Sugar team around to help, teach, answer questions, run impromptu tutorials, and make tools/patches as needed to ease the entry route for new coders.

For non-developers

We're also looking for people who won't be coding that night to sprint with David Farning on community infrastructure setup. Problems to tackle include building a Newbie Welcome Wagon package, handling licensing of both content and Activity bundles, documentation and testing systems, and more.


Sign up if you're coming, so we know how many to expect- tentatives and drop-ins are ok, but make things much harder to plan for. Also let us know (in parentheses) what you'll be doing!

  • Marco (on-site mentor, Sugar Activity development)
  • Tomeu (on-site mentor, Sugar Activity development)
  • Dfarning (on-site mentor, infrastructure and documentation)
  • Mchua (hackathon coordinator, working on Larry, a language-learning Activity)
  • Yifan + others from Olin, may drop by to check things out
  • Owen Williams (PenguinTV, may be a little late)
  • Tom Boyle (StarChart, focusing on localization)
  • Wade (Sugar Activity development)
  • Brian Jordan (Sugar Activity development, Pippy love)
  • Amanda Peyton (MIT Sloan project looking at the SugarLabs organizational structure)
  • Ryan Kabir (new development contributor to Sugar, looking for a place to start)
  • Brendan Powers (new contributor,looking for something simple to get used to the project)

Stuff to hack on

To do

Let Mchua (mel at laptop dot org) know if you can help!

  • Get a location with wifi, projectors, and ready access to food (which probably means "order pizza, then ask everyone if they can chip in a few dollars when it comes).
  • make invitations and send them out
  • find some way to make nametags for everybody (Actually, we probably won't need these - we're small enough.)
  • make sure that the location gets set up (chairs, tables, etc.) and taken down/cleaned-up afterwards
  • send thank-you follow up emails after the event encouraging people to come to the rest of Sugarcamp