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  1. followup on FOSDEM (if attendees from that are present)
  2. We Need A New Coordinator (as this marks the end of my 2 week "emergency FOSDEM duty" stint)
  3. cleanup/paredown
  4. and then things from the mailing list, below.

let's write success stories on blogs/olpcnews - who's interested in doing this?

howto make branded and attractive CDs - who's making them? is up, and there are open questions whether we should make a separate role for people interested in doing Public Relations work or if we could merge it with some other role like Designer or Marketing. How do other open source projects solve this issue?

We have blurbs for parents and teachers. Well, drafts, anyway - they need help! And we need another draft for learners. Parents: Teachers:

Would cards be a good idea for people without wiki connectivity?

linuxtag 2009: let's do it.

what are our punchlines?