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This is a discussion on the name "Sugar" and potential alternatives. There are currently no active initiatives to rebrand. Note that re-branding would be a very difficult, costly, and extended process - however, if you believe it to be worthwhile, go for it and start mapping out and proposing a gameplan on how and why to do so. Please add to the discussion on this page if you have ideas/are interested.


Please explain here how the name "Sugar" emerged and how the decision to use it was made.

Downsides to current name

  • Does the name "Sugar" really convey our common mission in a way is at the very least memorable and at the very best is inspiring?
  • Do we have a slogan that conveys the proper images to non-technical audiences?

The names "Sugar" and "Sugar Labs" have no intuitive relationship to education or to our mission goals.

Potential alternatives

  • Sugar Land
  • Playground

Both names convey a sense of place and safety for children. Sugar is not simply a background canvas like Windows XP. I propose keeping Sugar Labs for the organization name and renaming "Sugar" the environment to SugarLand.