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Upcoming swag orders

This list is to keep track of swag production deadlines and to notify people of current swag orders so they can request to combine/piggyback on existing orders if possible. This is not a place to order swag. Putting your information on this list will not cause swag to magically be mailed to you. Putting an entry on this list means that the coordinator listed is making the swag design/order/arrival/distribution process happen - you will still need to choose a design, find and pay a supplier, coordinate shipping, etc. This is an informative list for collaboration purposes.

Please list in chronological order.

  • Deadline - (coordinator, shipping location) number-of-items type-of-item <optional links to design, suppliers> event description
  • 2009 Apr 1 - (Caroline Meeks, Boston MA USA) 100 branded USB sticks - educators conference goodybag handouts
  • 2009 Apr 1 - (Caroline Meeks, Boston MA USA) 100 intro brochures - educators conference goodybag handouts