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Welcome to the Math4 Project

This all started as a big idea.

Then Dave Nalley, a Fedora Ambassador, asked for XO laptops to work on that big idea.

On February 7, 2009 David Nalley announced the Fedora Developers XO program. A pilot program in North America that would begin to tackle the 4th grade math curriculum using volunteers equipped with 100 donated XO laptops.


This project isn't about creating a single, monolithic program to cover all aspects of 4th grade math. Instead it's about activities that can be conveyed with the XO laptop.

We also need to consider that every child learns differently. A child that may not follow one technique will need alternative explanations and exercises before he or she gains mastery. Activities can and should be created in whatever format can explain the concepts.

So ask yourself - "Is there something in the 4th grade math framework that I could explain?"


All you need to join the group is a desire to help promote math learning. While most of the programming will be done in the Python language, we will need many people with many talents to complete the curriculum objectives. The best way to get started is by joining the mailing list and introducing yourself.

You can also add your name to our Who's Who list so we'll know a little bit more about where everyone is and what they are working on.

Please note: You do not need an XO laptop to participate. If you will be writing code, the Sugar Labs Development Team has a Setup guide to help you get started.


Mailing list If you are a new member, we would appreciate an introduction email so we can get to know you.

IRC chat takes place at on the #sugar and #fedora-olpc channels, however these channels can become very quiet at times, so if you do not receive an answer on IRC, please send a message to the math4 mailing list.