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Global Mirror

CacheBoy provides global mirroring. It finds the nearest location for your download. Read more information about CacheBoy on http://cacheboy.net

http ftp rsync country sync mirrorhost stats contact
http://sugarlabs.cdn.cacheboy.net/ none none All continents 1h Cacheboy - Marten

Local Mirrors

Here is a list of localized mirrors, please select a mirror close by and try to avoid to the main site:

http ftp rsync country sync mirrorhost stats contact
download.sugarlabs.org ftp rsync://download.sugarlabs.org/ Boston MA 0 Sunjammer - Bernie
download2.sugarlabs.org - - Boston MA 1h Solarsail - Bernie
ftp.snt.utwente.nl ftp - The Netherlands 1x24h SNT - Marten
ftp.nluug.nl ftp rsync://ftp.nluug.nl/sugar The Netherlands 1x24h NLUUG stats Marten


There is some basic information on the status of our mirrors.

Your can find it here, http://martenvijn.nl/sugar_mirror.html