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Pencil.png NOTICE:  This page is a draft in active flux...
Please contribute to these contents and discuss issues on the discussion page.

Open Badges is the name of a group of specifications and open technical standards originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation with funding from the MacArthur Foundation. The Open Badges standard describes a method for packaging information about accomplishments, embedding it into portable image files as a digital badge, and establishing an infrastructure for badge validation. The standard was originally maintained by the Badge Alliance Standard Working Group, but transitioned officially to the IMS Global Learning Consortium as of January 1, 2017.

Open Badges represent a more detailed picture than a CV or résumé as they can be presented in ever-changing combinations, creating a constantly evolving picture of a person’s lifelong learning.


Why use Open Badges at Sugar Labs

As part of our Funding and Marketing plan, taking care of internal relationships needs to be a priority for Sugar Labs.

We at Sugar Labs have articulated many talented active contributors. Still, historically we have failed to retain many of them. With the implementation of alternative programs like the Open Badges, we will try to revert this trend.

The Open Badges program at Sugar Labs has the intention of reflecting openly individual or collective expertise over a specific project, team or task. Reflection is one of the main principles embedded on Sugar's design, so reflecting collective and individual accomplishments is a logical step for Sugar Labs.

For the Open Badges implementation team, main challenge and opportunity may be the fact that there is several graphical work inherently attached to the creation and maintenance of the Badges. Also possible integrations with Sugar, Sugar Network, Sugarizer, Sugar Blend, etc.

Open Badges are here formulated to recognize the value of the infrastructure team and promote the work of key project team leaders. Thanks to infrastructure team there is a level of service that allows us to be constantly in the air to interact with each other, with the code and with our users. Thanks to our key project team leaders, Sugar adapts and evolves to specific cases of use. This interaction and close support can only enrich our upstream main project.

Still, Sugar labs is a dynamic entity and should avoid labor relationships. Instead, the adoption of "retributions by merit" and/or "awards" policies are more suitable.

Stipends for Badge Holders

Open Badges proposal contemplates to open channels for resources to flow to active contributors in need that have been awarded with a yearly Open Badge. All Badges have by default an optional monthly stipend of US$ _____ attached.

Each active contributor nominated will need to clearly state it's decision to accept the stipend by writing "yes to the Stipend, thanks!", after their name in the following list. For the 2017 pilot the deadline to state personal decisions to accept the stipend is _______ of 2017.

Piloting the model during 2017

So far, 8 Open Badges are drafted for the 2017 Pilot:

  1. Infrastructure Hero: Samuel Cantero
  2. Infrastructure Hero: Sebastian Silva
  3. Marketing Intern: Samson Goddy
  4. Sugar Network Project Leader: Laura Vargas
  5. Sugarizer Project Leader: Lionel Laske
  6. Social Help Project Leader: Sam Parkinson
  7. Open Badges Samurai: Ignacio Rodriguez
  8. Sugar Labs Badge of Honor: Walter Bender

The decision of receiving the stipend is completely personal and optional; each active contributor nominated shall state it's decision in the list of nominees before the set deadline. If no decision is stated by the set deadline, for the model that would be equivalent to say no to the stipend on each round.

- If you are on the list and you would appreciate to receive the stipend please write (yes to the Stipend, thanks!) at the end of your name.

- If you are on the list and you would prefer not to receive the stipend please don't write anything at the end of your name

- If you are not in the list but consider you are an active contributor and would like to be nominated for the Pilot round of Open Badges for 2017, please contact the Sugar Labs Oversight Board members as only SLOBs members are welcome to add nominees and only until _______ of 2017 for this Pilot round.

Important Note: Active edition of the above nominee list is expected to be made by each user on his/her line only.

Budget for 2017 Open Badges

Budget for this proposal is expected to come out of Sugar Labs general funds and therefore the Budget is subject to SLOBs approval. Required Budget will be calculated according to the information registered in this page by _______ of 2017. A formal motion will be presented to the Sugar Labs Oversight board.

If you are on the nominees list, please remember to evaluate your needs to continue contributing to the Sugar Labs project and state soon your decision about receiving or not receiving the Stipend. If nothing is stated by the nominee, it will be assumed there is no intention to accept the Stipend offered by Sugar Labs to that nominee.


Members and non members of Sugar Labs have recommended the following reading about sustainability in Open Source:

"Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure" by Nadia Eghbal.

Please share your thoughts on the discussion page.