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Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2008-09-05

Sugar Labs/OversightBoard/Minutes/Log-2008-09-05
walter, gregdek, marcopg, tomeu, erikos, bernieXO (AKA NerdyNipple-f169), dfarning, cjb, cjl, davidb

The Oversight Board acknowledged and celebrated the great job Simon has been doing on managing the 0.82 release.


  • OB meeting protocols
We'll appoint someone to take minutes each meeting; We'll announce the meetings on the Sugar and IAEP lists (they are already announced on Sugar Digest and in the wiki). Agendas are set in the wiki.
  • Additional OB representatives (learning, design, deployment)
We agreed that having representation from these areas is important. We'll make explicit invitations to ensure these voices are heard. Walter will follow up.
  • Finalize SFC agreement
Moving ahead, but still waiting for final agreement from SFC for the OB to sign.
  • Appoint (Membership)
Dfarning will organize/liaison with the Membership committee; Gregdek will organize/liaison with the Events committee; Bernie will organize/liaison with the Infrastructure committee; Simon will organize/liaison with the Test committee; Walter will organize/liaison with the Deployment committee
  • Appoint Ombudsman
If Bert is willing, we'd like to make his acting role permanent.
  • Proposals
We discussed a process whereby Sugar Labs vets proposals: a public discussion of the general ideas and an approval by the OB regarding the specifics.
  • Fund raising
Walter will prepare a report for the next meeting about various possibilities. The idea of helping external groups form to share in the development and support burden was seen as a favorable strategy. Raising money for "events" was seen as important.
  • Logo
We discussed a new logo proposal (See sugarlabs) and agreed to have Christian Schmidt take charge of this decision.

Infrastructure status

  • Hardware
  • Hosting
  • @sugarlabs.org
We agreed to give members email addresses at sugarlabs.org
  • etc.

Key issues

  • Engineering
    • Ports
    • Stability
    • QA
    • Updates
    • Accessibility
Walter will follow up with a UT proposal to partner in an accessibility proposal. We need someone to volunteer to champion this effort.
    • growing the community of contributors
  • Learning
    • Outreach
    • Feedback
    • growing the community of contributors