Oversight Board/2008/Meeting Minutes-2008-09-19

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Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2008-09-19


  • (Software Freedom Conservancy) SFC.
The final agreement between Sugar Labs and the SFC has been approved; the only outstanding issue is getting the agreement signed by the oversight board. Our SFC contact is karen AT softwarefreedom.org
  • Committee reports
    • Membership
David reported on the discussions on IAEPlistp about some of the purposes and organizational structures of various FLOSS projects. We progressed well until we came to the issue of an individual contributor agreement: the point of contention was the value of risk mitigation vs. the cost of implementing the agreement. We agreed to seek guidance from SFC before moving forward.
David also proposed that we have an executive director (ED) position at Sugar Labs. There was consensus to do this; David agreed lead a discussion of some of the details and report back at the next meeting on matters such as who appoints/elects the ED, t; whom the ED reports; and how we change the ED.
    • Testing
Simon reported on the creation of the BugSqaud. We discussed ways to exploit the opportunity to leverage the enthusiasm and on-the-ground experience of the teacher in Uruguay and Peru. Rafael volunteered to do outreach on OLPC-sur.
    • Events
Greg reiterated the need to create an event team. He proposed that the next event be tied to the next FUDCon meeting, which is in Boston in December. We discussed generating a list of other possible venues, which Rafael has begun on the deployment page.
    • Deployment
    • Infrastructure
  • Funding opportunities
  • Sugar Labs logo
  • Trademarks
  • PR