Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2009-02-13

Oversight Board/Minutes/Log-2009-02-13
walter, tomeu, caroline, dfarning, cjb,


1. finances
Dfarning gave a quick summary of our finances. He will prepare a more detailed report and recommend processes for budgeting at the next meeting. We deferred a vote on making a payment to cover travel expenses from the Nov. 2008 Sugar Camp until after that report is made.
2. local labs
Walter gave a brief update re activity in Uruguay and Peru. Nothing actionable.
3. code of conduct
Chris recommended we adopt a code of conduct. He will create a strawman and lead a discussion at the next meeting.
4. 0.84
Tomeu rues the fact that we have not gotten as much feedback as we had hoped in regard to new features.

The next meeting will be in one week, 27 February 2009.