Oversight Board/2009/Meeting Minutes-2009-11-20

In attendance:

SLOB members: walter, tomeu, cjb. SeanDaly, mchua, Canoeberry

A number of community members attended the meeting.


  1. SLOBs mailing list protocol
  2. Team mailing list
  3. SoaS DP report
  4. Trademark policy

SLOBs mailing list protocol

We passed a motion (6 yes, 1 not present):

MOTION: Close the slobs@ list to just SLOBs, move current slobs@ traffic to iaep@ with a [SLOBS] subject line tag where at all possible.

Action: Walter agreed to notify the community and update the slobs@ list.

Team mailing list

In Bernie's absence, we deferred this discussion until the next meeting.

SoaS DP report

We passed a motion (6 yes, 1 not present):

MOTION: Give a two-week deadline to the Soas DP

Action: Walter agreed to notify the DP

Trademark policy

We had a general discussion of trademark policy:

  • Discussion of policy for using Sugar trademark
    • At what point does a modified distribution no longer meet community standards?
    • At what point does a modified distribution no longer become viable in terms of the community's ability to support it?
    • Where is the line the community draws between what can be called Sugar and what can not be called Sugar?
    • Is there a standard mechanism for modifying a Sugar distribution that would keep it within the bounds of community standards?
    • What are the guidelines and procedures for arbitrating these questions?
(See Secondary trademark usage guidelines, Trademark guidelines and Business website trademark guidelines for background on how Fedora handles these issues, as well as Fedora Remix guidelines)
(openSUSE is more restrictive regarding using their trademark with a remix: OpenSUSE Trademark Guidelines)

Action: Walter agreed to bring the discussion to iaep@ and each of us agreed to look into the policies currently in use by other communities, e.g., Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mozilla, etc.

Next meeting

Friday, 04 December 2009 15:00 UTC


Meeting Log