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There are to be two (2) Oversight Board slots to be elected for the 2020-2022 period, currently held by Claudia, Samson.

There is one (1) additional slot to be elected to fill after the resignation of James Cameron.


Stage I December 21 Announcement of election date and first call for candidates.
Stage II December 28 Reminder of election date and second call for candidates.
Stage III January 4th Candidates' Wiki submissions deadline.
Stage IV TBD Election.



Candidates should create a Wiki entry at Candidates' Wiki submissions, one entry per candidate, sharing their vision and motivation.

Candidates should read and understand Sugar Labs' Governance, because such terms bind our behavior as Sugar Labs Oversight Board and all our internal policies and procedures as a Project and as an organization.

Among other terms, please note the Project Management, Communications and Activities terms in the agreement provide that:

2.1. The Oversight Board Will Manage the Project.

2.2. The Project Will Be Free Software.

The terms contemplate that the Oversight Board elects a single individual to communicate with Conservancy (the “Representative”) and shall notify Conservancy promptly following the election of a new Representative.

By publishing your candidacy below, you imply that in case you are elected a Sugar Labs Oversight board member you will honor the agreement terms.


This election is being run by the Membership and Elections Committee which was appointed in November 2017, along with Samson Goddy as an impartial election oversight party.