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Hi all,

My name is Lionel Laské, you could learn more about me here.

I'm SLOB member since 2015 and I'm author and lead developer of Sugarizer, a rewrite of Sugar to run on any device. Sugarizer has already thousands of users all over the world, specifically in France, Kenya and Peru. I'm proud that there is now more than 100 Sugarizer contributors today and this community is still growing. In the latest Google Summer of Code, 2 mentors was previously students of the program for SugarLabs and one student was already here last year.

Sugarizer keep alive the spirit of SugarLabs. With Sugarizer, with the nice Music Blocks project and with the legacy code base of Sugar -that we need to maintain for existing users- we've got a promise for a nice future for SugarLabs.

For 2020-2022, I would like to contribute to write this future and to help the transition from SFC to SugarLabs Inc.