Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2014-02-05

In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, Daniel Francis, Claudia Urrea, Gonzalo Odiard, Jose Miguel Garcia

Community members: decause and others.


  1. GCI/GSoC
  2. Sugar Youth Summit
  3. Background Image Contest
  4. Pedagogist/Developer meetups
  5. Libreplanet
  6. UNESCO grant


  • We celebrated our GCI grand-prize winners and finalist.
    • Ignacio Rodríguez, Jorge Gómez, Sai Vineet, Emil Dudev, Sam Parkinson
  • We agreed to apply to GSoC 2014
    • Walter will prepare the application
    • We agreed for the need to be more rigorous about mentoring

Sugar Youth Summit

  • We agreed to organize regional youth summits, beginning in LATAM.
    • We want to both target a code sprint and a more general focus on the power of Sugar and FOSS as a pedagogy.
    • Daniel Francis and Walter will discuss plans and report back to the committee.

Background Image Contest

  • We agreed to Gonzalo and Manuq's proposal for Background Image Contest
    • Details can be found [1]
    • Sean Daly offered to help with PR

Pedagogist/Developer meetups

  • Claudia has been in touch with many Sugar deployments and has a group of pedagogists ready to meet.
    • Details to be announced soon.


  • Walter and Claudia will be running a panel discussion at Libreplanet on FOSS in elementary education (and the danger of Disneyfication of content).


  • Gonzalo is pursuing a grant from UNESCO re accessibility.