Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2017-11-03


Oversight board members
walterbender, kaametza, samsong, canoeberry, sverma
Community members
Bertf, Quozl


  • Report by Ombudsman about the Code of Conduct Arbitration requested by a member on October 4, 2017
  • 2017-2019 Elections Report and Welcome to new Board members
    • Discussion on directions to Conservancy to announce the new Board members
  • Follow up on Google Code In Administrators and Mentors

Also on the agenda but not discussed due to lack of time

  • Discussion on Sugar Labs financial report and strategies to follow for the next period
  • Discussion of process for finding/appointing a finance manager
  • Election of new Sugar Labs representative
  • Discussion of "process" (and "guidelines") for requesting travel advances
  • Discussion of "guidelines" for external programs such as GCI, GSoC, Outreachy, etc.
  • Discussion of "protocols" for internal teams such as Devel, Design, Localization, etc.
  • Discussion of proposal to have motions translated into Spanish (and other languages)

While we awaited enough board members to achieve quorum, Walter remarked upon guidelines for conduct and the possibility of setting goals for our users.


The decision [1] by the ombudsman (Bertf) was summarized for the board. Bert's recommendation in brief:

My decision in this arbitration was to not give Caryl a warning, but to call for a more polite tone in the community in general. I also tried to make Laura and others aware of how impolite or even aggressive their past communication was. Some have admitted to being overly aggressive at times, and promised to try better. Others see nothing wrong with their behavior and keep pushing aggressively for their goals, no matter the cost. Laura has not accepted my decision.
I am unable to do fulfill my role as Ombudsperson if the community does not want to heal the wounds and start over.
That is why I am resigning. I am very sorry.

Walter thanked Bert for his help and remarked that "I only hope we can do better to live up to the aspirations of the community going forward but I see little evidence that there will be any change which is discouraging. Bert replied "[t]hat is why I am resigning, yes."

It was insisted by Laura that we replace our ombudsman with a "response team". This topic is being discussed here [2].

Election update

All of the incumbent candidates were reelected. Laura sent an email summarizing the results [3]. Several board members thanked the Members committee for running the election.

Adam will report to the SFC that there are no changes to the board.
Sameer volunteered to become the new liaison to the Membership committee

Google Code In

Walter reported that we are in the process of actively recruiting mentors and soliciting task ideas.