Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2018-05-04

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Quozl, vipulgupta2048

We lacked a quorum.


  • Google Summer of Code
  • Sugar Labs goals
  • Devin travel

GSoC update

Walter gave an update re our participation in Google Summer of Code 2018: We have a regular meeting of our students at 16:30 UTC every Friday in #sugar-meeting. See http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting/meetings/2018-05-04T16:30:45.html for a log of the most recent meeting.


Walter shared a link to a spreadsheet prepared by Sameer and requested comments.

Devin travel

Walter relayed some issues with Devin's recent trip to Japan. We need to decide on whether or not to extend his budget and/or pay him the honorarium offered by one of the schools he visited.