Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-06-24

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6/24/2020 Present: Ibiam, Devin, Alex, and Lionel Minutes taken by Devin

James and Ibiam’s Contract Report Because James is still in recovery, they have not yet had a chance to start yet. James plans to return on 29th. Caryl (1023 Job) – check-in Emailed on 5/30 and 6/9. Yet to hear back. Just followed up today. https://www.facebook.com/groups/486631834761996 and https://www.patheducation.org/ Hope that Caryl can be the one to facilitate/coordinate communication between OLPC and Devin. Ombudsman (not present; no report) SFC Liason Devin: Nothing to report. GSoC updates

Reminder: GSoC mentors need to do their first evaluation starting next week. Devin shows Temperament enhancements Lionel shows the awards and curriculum tools for Sugarizer Ibiam discusses his projects