Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-08-19

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Agenda for SLOBs Meeting

2020-08-19 at 20:00 UTC on Jitsi

Present SLoBs: Devin, James, Lionel, Ibiam, Claudia (briefly) Present Guests: Walter

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)


Reports from Ombudsman


Any reports from project teams, Google Summer of Code

James' students have continued as they started.

Walter says the students have been doing very well.

1023 Status Report

Devin will update SLOBs on the status of the 1023.

New Board Motion by Devin Ulibarri: Sugar Labs Inc. to Engage with Aaron Williamson as our lawyer for completing the 1023. Walter +1 Lionel +1

(3 of 6 of the "Inc." board members have voted. Devin has followed up with members by email.)

(Old Board Input) James +1

Caryl's work on the 1023 is considered complete at this point.

James and Ibiam Sugar Activity Job Report

A little progress. Something will be sent in by the next meeting.

Board Composition and Election (Cont.)

Given that the next election is coming up and we currently are both an organization underneath the umbrella of SFC as well as Sugar Labs Inc., what are we to do about the next election? Samson and Walter are to lead this.

We plan on having an election for SFC's Sugar Labs. Walter expressed some interest in helping to run the election.

GSoC Feature Share


Tangram Activity -- Puzzle Games for kids

Music Blocks

Java Script Export in Music Blocks by GSoC Intern, Anindya


"Sugar was designed before phones." -- Anonymous ;)

Students have been working on their projects and improving them.


Flatpack version of Music Blocks available; Sugarizer may be next.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

September 2nd at 20:00 UTC on Jitsi