Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2021-01-06

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Meeting Minutes

Date: 2021-01-06

Role Call

Jui Perrie Lionel Walter

Manish Samson

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)


Report from Ombudsman


Finance Report

Current Assets: US$ 13,304.26

2020 Expenses: US$ 14,795.74

  • Banking fees: US$ 58.00
  • Contractors: US$ 4,447.56
  • Insurance: US$ 725.00
  • Accounting: US$ 1600.00
  • Legal: US$ 7,540.00
  • Taxes: US$ 216.18
  • Website: US$ 209.18

2020 Income: US$ 28,100.00

  • Donations: US$ 100.00
  • Google (GCI, GSoC): US$ 8,000.00


Report from Ibiam about his contract to manage activities.

Google Summer of Code

Walter: Motion: Sugar Labs participate 2021 Google Summer of Code Lionel (seconds the motion) Jui +1 Perrie +1

Jui, Perrie, and Lionel agreed to be the admins.

Walter will pass last year's application material

Sugar, Sugarizer, Music Blocks

Google Code-in Replacement Report

Discussion schedule for January 13 (Samson)

Sugar Labs Monthly Events Discussion


Communication Channels: Discord Discussion


Perrie, Jui, Samson sang the praises of discord.

Samson to work with Alex to work on setting up a Sugar Labs chat bot for discord.

Samson and Alex will sync our content with git book.

Unanimity re giving it a try.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

20 Jan in JITSI 03 Feb on discord