Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2021-02-03

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Meeting Minutes

Date: 2021-02-03

Role Call

Claudia Lionel Walter

Alex Perez

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)

Report from Ombudsman

Board Membership

Since we are short one board member, a motion was made by Walter:

MOTION: Alex Perez fill the seat left empty by Devin's withdrawal until the next board election.

Seconded by Lionel

  • Claudia: +1
  • Walter: +1
  • Lionel: +1

Board Meetings

We have identified a FOSS tool with a bridge to IRC enabled. Motion by Walter:

MOTION: Use Matrix.org for the next few meetings

Seconded by Claudia

  • Claudia: +1
  • Walter: +1
  • Lionel: +1

Google Summer of Code Update

Perrie, Jui, and Lionel are finishing up our application.

Please submit project ideas at https://github.com/sugarlabs/GSoC via a PR to the Ideas2021.md page.

Sugar Labs Monthly Events Discussion

Claudia and Walter plan to do a March event. Details still TBD

Fedora 34

Alex and Ibiam have been busy getting Sugar 118 ready for the next Fedora release. They have collaboration working again!!!

Alex mentioned that he has been running Sugar on some low-end hardware and it works great except for video in Browse. (Video on the same hardware on FF works fine.) He suspects it is related to hardware acceleration. Anyone interested in investigating?

Other Business

Walter will be giving a talk (remotely) at the USP TechCamp for teachers from every state in Brazil next week and a Music Blocks workshop with the same teachers the following week.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

17 Feb on Matrix.org