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Free software and content for Linux is provided in packages that combine all of the pieces of an application, font, document, or other resource, together with information on what other packages are required or useful along with that resource, and instructions for putting files in their proper places, and configuring the resource. There are two principal packaging formats associated with Linux distributions.

  • RPM (Redhat Package Manager) for Redhat and Fedora Linux, and distributions based on them.
  • DEB for Debian Linux, and for distributions based on it, most notably Ubuntu Linux.

In addition, Sugar itself has its own package format, in .xo files.

Software packaging for Sugar has several components.

  • Packaging Sugar activities in .xo format
  • Packaging Sugar releases, including the Sugar infrastructure (Glucose) and activities (Fructose)
  • Packaging other software in RPM or DEB formats so that they can be used to create Sugar activities
  • Creating Virtual Machine images with particular Linux distributions and a complete installation of the Sugar packages for that distribution

The purpose of this page is to link to current projects and resources for each of these packaging tasks.

Sugar Activities

Sugar Releases