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Status: Active
Group Members: beWhitty, fostertheweb
A thrilling trivia adventure that teaches facts about the planets in our solar system.
Planetary gameplay, initial release.


Planetary is a game that aims to teach 4th graders facts about the planets in our solar system.

Current Status

  • Users can run game on a Linux or Windows machine with dependencies installed.
  • Users can install and run game on OLPC

To Do

  • More Planet Questions
  • Integrate Badges


Planetary is licensed under the GPL v2 license The planet artwork is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.





Planetary is centered around learning the parts of our solar system. It tests the user's knowledge of our own planet and its neighbors. Progress through levels and gain more knowledge about our wonderful solar system. The user is presented with facts about each planet that they have to remember and then utilize later when they are asked questions.