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The general goal is to support Sugar communities in their regular behaviors within the Sugar ecosystem by providing a seamless environment by which to follow a common strategy. In other words, it is exactly about having a platform that supports a Sugar community.

There are key differences with the existing teams:

  • Compared to the Activity Team, the Platform Team does not care about developing any particular activities, but rather provides a useful software infrastructure to help people in the activity development process.
  • Compared with the Development Team, the Platform Team does not care about developing the Sugar learning environment (Sucrose), but rather provides a useful software architecture to help as many people as possible to take part in the Sucrose development process.
  • Compared to the Education Team, the Platform Team does not care about non-technical aspects, but rather provides useful technical instruments to help educators and researchers.
  • Compared with the Infrastructure Team, the Platform Team does develop some of the services that the Infrastructure Team administers.

In particular, the Platform Team will

  • Support doing behaviors by providing useful distribution methods and various Sugar Doers' Kits (that really sounds better than the traditional SDK transcription, Software Developers Kit).
  • Connect doers and other learners (users) by developing services for a seamless infrastructure for sharing software, e.g., Activity Library.
  • Extend the previous two goals to non-Sugar environments, not to sugarize them all, but rather to merge and promote Sugar software with and within the common Free Software and education ecosystems.

Team projects

Top projects

Upstream services

Adapt upstream services for Sugar community needs:


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