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Harmonic Distribution version cycle: | 1.0 | Factory |

This page collects information directly associated with the Harmonic Distribution Factory version, the current development phase.


Being on one of supported platforms, install Factory Sweets Distribution repository. Then, follow Sweets Distribution usage instructions.


These features are available in the current Factory repositories:

Sugar Network integration

By default, Sugar Shell looks the same as in pristine Glucose. To start using Sugar Network related improvements in Shell UI:
  • Go to Sweets component in Control Panel and enable integration checkbox;
  • Make sure that Sugar Network server ulr is correct.
After restarting:
  • Home view will loose all local activities, it will be fixed ASAP;
  • Sugar Network client (that is intended to be used in Peruvian deployment), Mejorar Sistema, will be available from activities tray and by F8 shortkey.

Patched Sugar collaboration

In Sugar Shell code were made fixes that are intended to make Telepathy, everything related to Neighborhood View and Sugar Activities sharing/joining, more stable. This functionality was broken since global redesign started after 0.88 Glucose release.
The common goal is reproducing behavior from 0.88.