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Sugar usage statistics might be very useful from, e.g., an educational or research point of view. Statistics might be anonymous or personalized (by taking special efforts to keep information secure and locally used only for a particular deployment).


All types of statistics are identified by IDs in a dot separated hierarchy. This makes it possible to refer to the particular type or level of data.

  • shell
    Shell related stats.
      Shell process is run.
      Shell or activity window is active.
    • shell.collab
      Collaboration related stats in Shell.
      • shell.collab.buddies
        Number of buddies in the Neighborhood view.
  • activity
    Activities related stats; specified only for the particular activity.
      Activity is run.
      Activity window is active.
    • activity.collab
      Collaboration related stats for activities.
      • activity.collab.buddies
        Number of buddies activity is interacting with.
  • system
    System related stats.
    • system.uptime
      System uptime value.



The usage statistics will be gathered by sniffing DBus and X11 messages in the sugar-client program launched with the monitor command. The sugar-client will stay in daemon mode, and send collected and filtered data to the sugar-server, or, will keep it for later collection in server-less environments.

Journal crawler

In addition to the realtime monitoring, it might be useful to collect some stats from the Journal. It should be possible to run this code on a client side, or, on school servers using Journal backups.

This feature was implemented in Paraguay, but is not being used right now.