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This project will be a children's "point and click" adventure based on the King Arthur legend. The story follows King Arthur as he tries to collect all of his Knights of the Roundtable from their various quests and adventures. The player will play the role as King Arthur's royal investigator and will help the king along the way. The game will be heavy in graphics which will add to the atmosphere and story. The game's primary coding language will be Python, using the pygame library to aid in graphics management. The game's target audience and device is the OLPC and children.

The player is Arthur's Royal Detective. The goal is retrieve all the knights who are in the middle of their most famous quests for a banquet at Camelot.

Localisation is possible via a YAML file, which can be edited.


The game is a "point and click" game in the same vein as Monkey Island and King's Quest. The user reads dialog, hunts for an item on screen, and figures out who to use the item on. This causes a reaction and new areas open, etc.

It is the hope of this project to use it as a reading aid.


All input is done with the mouse.


Coming soon

Graphics and Sound

  • Sprite animations were created in MSPaint.
  • Backgrounds are public domain images modified in Adobe Photoshop using "Cut Out" filter and modified based on needs
  • Sounds are public domain sounds. See the attribution file for more information about attribution and useage of sounds.

Additional Ideas & Features


  • Created sprite based graphics
  • Point and click interface
  • Screen changing engine, complex, event driven animation engine
  • It collection, item useage, and triggered events
  • Making materials perishable to increase difficulty
  • Making the program more intuitive so that it can be easily learned

In progress

  • Implementing YAML translation
  • Working on OLPC
  • Finished the logic/GUI elements


  • Ability to save progress and load
  • Screen transitions between events
  • Voice Acting?

Spring 2012 Milestones

  • Week 6:
    • Script fully written
  • Week 7:
    • Working prototype for point and click driven events
  • Week 8:
    • Working flying dove animation when hovered. Basic screen changing. All background images collected.
  • Week 9:
    • Built point and click engine
  • Week 10:
    • Further perfected engine
    • All graphics done
    • All public domain sounds collected

Potential Problems

Porting the game to the OLPC and having it run flawlessly.


Getting the Latest Snapshot from Git

Point and Click Arthur is available under the Open Software License.

To get the latest working version from Git, open a terminal and enter this command:
git clone git@github.com:FOSSRIT/point-and-click-arthur.git

Links and Resources