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Produce Puzzle is a game created by Matthew Michihara, Elizabeth Deng, and Aaron Macris with the python programming language using the pyGTK and pygames libraries. It was created as an educational game during the University of Southern California's "Code for a cause OLPC Hack-a-thon" targeting users in 3rd world countries. The object of the game is to solve a system of equations with unknowns represented by fruits. The player is given the column sums and row sums, and from there he must determine the value of each fruit. The game difficulty can be changed, and it ranges from solving 3x3 fruit equations, all the way up to 9x9 fruit grids.


Possibly fulfills standards:

  • 4.P.3 (Determine values of variables in simple equations, e.g., 4106 – x = 37, 5 = y + 3, and s – y = 3)
  • 4.P.6 (Determine how change in one variable relates to a change in a second variable, e.g., input-output tables)
  • 4.G.3 (Recognize similar figures)

Group Members

Compatability Issues

  • Needs a new Sugarized icon
  • Needs the Sugar toolbar at the top
  • Bundling needs to be compatible with new Sugar build
  • Needs to be added to Git repo

Playability Issues

  • More dynamic ending
    • No visual notification user wins the game (fireworks, something exciting)
    • Should move on to new game automatically
  • More scalable
    • Ability to change fruit max values on the fly
    • Ability to have some fruit values solved for them
  • Does not spawn all fruits all the time


  • Timer
    • See how long they've played
    • Race against clock mode
  • Fill more of screen
    • Scales itself similarly to how the maze game does
  • New fruit icons

Completed Goals

  • Fixed issues with resuming game after "minimizing" (5/14/09)
  • Now correctly identifies itself as ProducePuzzleActivity (5/14/09)


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