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Sash is a way of tracking achievements in Sugar applications using Sugar Badges. In other words: rewards for being awesome. Developers can make their own badges and integrate them into their games using the Sugar Badges library. The Sash activity allows people to see what badges they’ve earned.

Current Status

  • The interface is working and the activity will display badges that have been earned in other games.
  • The badges can be sorted by the user.
  • Several games that already have badges implemented are Lemonade Stand and SkyTime
  • The toolbar has been standardized to work like any other Sugar activity, in that it can be closed by clicking the quit icon in the toolbar.
  • We have also laid some groundwork for pushing one’s Sugar Badges to Mozilla Open Badges.

To Do

  • Fully integrate Open Badges
  • Further improvements on the user interface
  • Encourage and work with more developers to help them get badges in their games
  • Modify the Sugar Badges library and Sash so that users can see badges they haven't earned (greyed out)


Sash is licensed under the MIT license, found here.

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