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This Policy is based on the [[Activity Library]] [[Activity_Library/Editors/Policy|one]] assuming that [[Activity Library]] will provide software hosted on the Open Build System.
The [[Platform_Team/Open_Build_Service|Open Build Service]] works underneath the [[Sugar Network]], processing software content uploaded to [[Sugar Network]], thus, the [[Sugar_Network/Policy|Sugar Network Policy]] is inherited.
=== Requirements ===
The software that conform following rules is not permitted:
* Inappropriate (violent, sexual, subversive) content.
* Inappropriate license, see Oversight Board [[Oversight_Board/2009/Meeting_Log-2009-12-11#non-FOSS content|meeting notes]] for details.
Top level project naming rules:
* Project with names directly associated with particular software can be created only by this software upstream developers.
* Names inherited from the [[Activity Library]] has a priority.
=== Special cases ===
Cases that requires special treatment involving all concerned parts. The final decision will be made by Open Build System administration.
* Names confusion between top level projects.
=== Tools ===
Some, such checking software license, conforming to this Policy, checks for particular software will be made automatically while uploading sources to the Open Build Service. In other cases, e.g., inappropriate content, we rely on community feedback.

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The Open Build Service works underneath the Sugar Network, processing software content uploaded to Sugar Network, thus, the Sugar Network Policy is inherited.