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This Policy is based on the [[Activity Library]] [[Activity_Library/Editors/Policy|one]], assuming that the Sugar [[Activity Library]] will provide software hosted on the Open Build System.
The [[Platform_Team/Open_Build_Service|Open Build Service]] works underneath the [[Sugar Network]], processing software content uploaded to [[Sugar Network]], thus, the [[Sugar_Network/Policy|Sugar Network Policy]] is inherited.
=== Requirements ===
Software that is not permitted contains:
* Inappropriate (violent, sexual, subversive) content, or
* Inappropriate license.
See these Oversight Board [[Oversight_Board/2009/Meeting_Log-2009-12-11#non-FOSS content|meeting notes]] for details.
Top level project naming rules:
* Projects with names directly associated with a particular software line can be created only by the software upstream developers.
* Names inherited from the [[Activity Library]] have a priority.
=== Special cases ===
These cases require special treatment involving all concerned parties:
* Names confusion between top level projects.
The final decision will be made by the Open Build System administration team.
=== Audit ===
Some checks, such as checking software license & conforming to this Policy, will be made automatically while uploading sources to the Open Build Service. In other cases, e.g., inappropriate content, we rely on [[Activity Library]] editors and community feedback.

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The Open Build Service works underneath the Sugar Network, processing software content uploaded to Sugar Network, thus, the Sugar Network Policy is inherited.