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This Policy is based on the [[Activity Library]] [[Activity_Library/Editors/Policy|one]], assuming that the Sugar [[Activity Library]] will provide software hosted on the Open Build System, after being accepted by [[Activity Library/Editors|Activity Library Editors]].
The [[Platform_Team/Open_Build_System|Open Build System]] works underneath the [[Sugar Network]], processing software content uploaded to [[Sugar Network]], thus, the [[Sugar_Network/Policy|Sugar Network Policy]] is inherited.
=== Requirements ===
Software that is not permitted contains:
* Inappropriate (violent, sexual, subversive) content,
*: This topic might be too ambiguous (and too hard to write in a few sentences). There is a desire to maintain the synergy between the Sugar and Zero Install communities (which is not only about software for education). Since we don't have such a thorough policy, e.g., see this [[Sugar Labs:Policy|policy]] for the Sugar Labs wiki (although, for the Activity Library it is mostly obvious what kind of content should be hosted there), and since OBS software needs to go though Activity Library editors, it would be better to avoid needless bureaucratic procedures and rely on people's saneness, and deal with objections on a case-by-case basis.
* Inappropriate license, all licenses should conform Sugar Labs' [[Licensing]] policy.
Top level project naming rules:
* Projects with names directly associated with a particular software line can be created only by the software upstream developers.
* Names inherited from the [[Activity Library]] have a priority.
=== Special cases ===
These cases require special treatment involving all concerned parties:
* Names confusion between top level projects.
The final decision will be made by the Open Build System administration team.
=== Audit ===
Some checks, such as checking software license & conforming to this Policy, will be made automatically while uploading sources to the Open Build Service. In other cases, e.g., inappropriate content, we rely on [[Activity Library/Editors|Activity Library Editors]] and community feedback.

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The Open Build System works underneath the Sugar Network, processing software content uploaded to Sugar Network, thus, the Sugar Network Policy is inherited.