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== Push changes back to master nameserver ==
== Push changes back to master nameserver ==
* Commit your changes, possibly with a meaningful comment:
* Commit your changes, preferably with a meaningful comment:
   git commit -a -v
   git commit -a -v

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To request changes to DNS records, contact <hostmaster AT sugarlabs DOT org>

Current hostmasters are:

Registered nameservers

The following nameservers are currently registerted in whois records for our domains:

(FIXME: this is what it should look like after the current transitional mess)

hostname aka location IPv4 IPv6
ns1.sugarlabs.org lightwave FSF, Boston, USA 2002:8cba:4666::1
ns2.sugarlabs.net sunjammer FSF, Boston 2002:8cba:4635::1
ns1.codewiz.org trinity Develer, Firenze, Italy 2002:5395:9ed2::1
ns2.auth.osuosl.org - OSU-OSL, Seattle, USA -

Note that ns2.auth.osuosl.org is not under our control and does not serve all our domains.

Editing zone data

We use distributed version control and admin scripts to arbitrate edits to the zone files and nameserver configurations. DO NOT EDIT THESE FILES LOCALLY, ANY CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN.

Checkout nameserver config

Checkout the repository as usual:

git clone lightwave.sugarlabs.org:/var/lib/bind/etc/bind ns

Do not checkout the repository as root. Your user needs to be in group bind.

Edit zone data

Guidelines for editing zones:

  • Please keep the zone files tidy, by following indentation style
  • Add comments as needed to describe obscure records in the zone files
  • Remember to keep reverse zones always up to date
  • Bump the serials after each update!

Push changes back to master nameserver

  • Commit your changes, preferably with a meaningful comment:
 git commit -a -v
  • Then, push your changes:
 git push
  • We have a handy post-receive hook to automate the rest of the procedure:
    • send a notification email to systems-logs@;
    • checkout your changes to the bind configuration directory;
    • make BIND reload its configuration;
    • watch BIND's log file to ensure slaves are actually transferring the changed zones.

Implementation details

  • The git config file is as follows:
       repositoryformatversion = 0
       filemode = true
       bare = false
       shared = true
       logallrefupdates = true
       worktree = /etc/bind
       denycurrentbranch = ignore
       mailinglist = bernie@codewiz.org
       emailprefix = "[DNS] "
       showrev = "git show -C %s; echo"
  • We use a post-receive hook to checkout the zones to the local sandbox and make BIND reload them:
/bin/bash /usr/share/doc/git-core/contrib/hooks/post-receive-email
git checkout -f
tail -n0 -f /var/log/daemon.log &
/etc/init.d/bind9 reload
sleep 3
  • For slightly better security, the repository lives outside the sandbox