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Administrative contact

bernie AT sugarlabs DOT org


For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.

This is the main backup server for all Sugarlabs Machines. The hostname is an alias for, a machine hosted at OLPC.

Backup account:

We use the script system-full-backup to perform the daily backups with duplicity. Each machine backup is encrypted with a different password. If you need a password, ask User:Bernie.


Machine/sunjammer's filesystem is being backed up on Machine/treehouse using rsync + 7 days of history with hard links.

The MySQL, PostgreSQL and LDAP databases are being backed up daily on, encrypted with gpg. TODO: at the moment, we don't have a script to cleanup old backups.

Restoring files from duplicity backups

To restore a backup try something like:

  duplicity restore -t 7D --file-to-restore <source/path/to/restore/from>  scp://<>  </destination/path/to/restore/to>
  • Replace <> with your values


  duplicity restore -t 7D --file-to-restore var/lib/mysql/wordpress  scp://  /home/bernie/restore/wordpress

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