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Administrative contact

git AT sugarlabs DOT org


For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.

  • Aleksey Lim
  • puppet related stuff is still in progress of settling down


Gitorious hosting.

Home /srv/gitorious
Main service gitorious-all

Gitorious environments

We do not have root on Put the following aliases in your ~/.bashrc to quickly switch to the Gitorious production, test and development environments:

alias gitorious='sudo su - gitorious'
alias gittest='sudo su - gittest'
alias gitdev='sudo su - gitdev'
alias db='mysql -h -u sugarlabs_git -p  sugarlabs_git_dev'

Get a MySQL prompt

type "db" at the prompt, then give the db password from ~gitorious/config/database.yml

Change project owner

UPDATE projects SET user_id=(SELECT id FROM users WHERE login='jasg') WHERE slug='labyrinth';

Change repo owner

UPDATE repositories SET user_id=(SELECT id FROM users WHERE login='jasg') WHERE name='mainline' AND project_id=(SELECT id FROM projects WHERE title='poll');

Add committer

INSERT INTO committerships SET
       user_id=(select id from users where login='bernie'),
       repository_id=(SELECT id FROM repositories where
               project_id=(SELECT id FROM projects WHERE title='sugar') AND name='mainline'),
       kind=2, created_at=NOW(), updated_at=NOW();

Hijack account to reset password

update users set email='YOUREMAIL' where login='USER';

Then make Gitorious send you a password reset email.

update users set email='OLDEMAIL' where login='USER';

Zapping a user account

WARNING: to kill a user account, make sure you also remove *ALL* its associated records from all tables, or Gitorious will break in non-obvious ways.

SELECT id FROM users WHERE login='demian';
DELETE FROM committers WHERE user_id=666;
DELETE FROM events WHERE user_id=666;
DELETE FROM comments WHERE user_id=666;
DELETE FROM merge_requests WHERE user_id=666;
DELETE FROM repositories WHERE user_id=666;
DELETE FROM projects WHERE user_id=666;

NOTE: tch pointed out that Rails applications often provide a higher-level method in class User which deletes the record and its associated entries. However, our deployed version of Gitorious does not seem to provide it.

Restart gitorious after code/config changes

touch tmp/restart.txt

Upgrade notes

Upgrade will be triggered on every puppet session (if there is such need), vcs repository will be rebased to the HEAD commit with all related changes like database migration.