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* [[Service/imap]]
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hostname service port function
smtp.sugarlabs.org smtp 25 Local delivery (plain SMTP)
smtp.sugarlabs.org submission 587 Email relay (SMTP with STARTTLS, password authentication required)
smtp.sugarlabs.org smtps 465 Email relay (SMTP with SSL, password authentication required)

Hosted on


Administrative contact

  • postmaster AT sugarlabs DOT org



  • Users with a Sugar Labs shell account on sunjammer can use our SMTP relay for personal email submission. Any abuse will be prosecuted.
  • We prefer to use the submission port for email relay. Unauthenticated and unencrypted connections are not allowed to relay.
  • smtp.sugarlabs.org is *not* the MX for the sugarlabs.org.

Google Apps handles our domain and forwards to smtp.sugarlabs.org for unknown users

  • Just for those of you wanting to use just one email client (namely gmail in this case), you can simply add a second account to run through gmail (say user@activitiycentral.com or user@sugarlabs.org) and it will then allow you to choose which account you'd like to send from.

To do this you need to login to your gmail account and then go the following url (it is not easy to spot): https://mail.google.com/mail/?tab=om#settings/accounts Choose send mail from another address; follow the instructions for sending out via smtp.sugarlabs.org


Our domains use a non-strict (~all) SPF record.

If you send email with sugarlabs.org in the From: header, then you must submit it to our SMTP server.


Our domain publishes a test DKIM key. All outgoing email is signed, but at this time verifiers will ignore our DKIM signature.

To test DKIM, send an email to autorespond+dkim@dk.elandsys.com

In anticipation of switching on strict DKIM verification, all email for the sugarlabs.org domain must be submitted to our SMTP server. Failure to do so may result in your email being occasionally blocked by spam filters.

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