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Hosted on


Administrative contact

  • pootle AT sugarlabs DOT org


For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.

Language Administrators

Language administrators are typically native speakers of a given language that take on responsibility (granted by a Pootle administrator after a request to the Localization list) for reviewing and committing PO files for a given language. Contacting language administrators is generally done by posting to the Localization list.

More information on language administrator duties can be found on this page


How to manipulate users:

django-admin shell --settings=pootle.settings
>>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User
>>> u = User.objects.get(username='bernie')
>>> u.is_superuser = True

Various scripts documented here:

Scheduled jobs:

pootle@pootle:~$ crontab -l
# m h  dom mon dow   command
30 00 * * * /usr/bin/python /var/lib/pootle/maintenance/helpers/potupdater/  /var/lib/pootle/maintenance/helpers/potupdater/project_list.ini
#00 00 * * * git --git-dir=/var/lib/pootle/checkouts/etoys/.git pull
45 00 * * * python /var/lib/pootle/langpackgen/src/LangPackGen/ /var/lib/pootle/langpackgen/data/langpackgen_84.ini /var/lib/pootle/public_html/packs/0.84
40 00 * * * python /var/lib/pootle/langpackgen/src/LangPackGen/ /var/lib/pootle/langpackgen/data/langpackgen_82.ini /var/lib/pootle/public_html/packs/0.82

Refresh stats, needed when the database and the checked out modules get out of sync:

/usr/lib/python-django/bin/ refresh_stats --settings=pootle.settings

Important directories in /var/lib/pootle:

checkouts: modules are checked out in this directory. pulls from git and svn so we have updated sources, then it generates a new .pot file from them. Translated strings get reflected in the .po files in each module, and when the language maintainer clicks the Commit to VCS link, get pushed back to the upstream module.

dbs: internal db used by Pootle, no need to mess directly with it.

maintenance: contains some sugar-specific scripts to help maintain our Pootle instance, they are managed in

po: contains xapian indexes for the search feature.

translations: more Pootle internal data

Upgrade notes

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